Serikbaev Kasymzhan Omirtaevich

Deputy for administrative part



  Born April 7, 1956., In the village of Anatolevka, Chilik district of Almaty region.

   He studied at the village Anatolevka, Chilik district of Almaty region, graduated from the eight-year school in 1972.

   In 1977 he graduated from college a full course called "Almaty Technological College of consumer services and light industry.

   In 1977 he was drafted into the Soviet Army.

   In 1979 he was demobilized from the Soviet Army.

   In 1979 he took a job at "Almaty cotton mill" - a mechanic, then transferred to the master in the ventilation plant, by order of the order of the management was transferred to the Main Department of mechanics foreman to 1981

   In 1983 -1985 years He worked in "Almaty kinotehnikume" - master of industrial training.

  In 1986. He was admitted to the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute. Abai as an engineer in the department of administrative - economic part.

   In 1988 - 1993 years. mechanic - 5th rank serviceman in "Almaty canning factory."

   In 1993 - 2005 in the CB "Promsvyaz" turner 7th grade on the radio assembly.

   In 2005, he was admitted to the GCE "Almaty State Power and Electronic Technology College" deputy director for administrative part and is currently the deputy director for administrative part.

   He graduated after studying in Almaty Technological University.

   Phone: +7 727 309-26-20