Togaybaeva Nazir Kuandykovna

Deputy director on educational work



 22.08.1969 was born.

     Higher education - graduated from Dzhambul Pedagogical Institute in 1992 on specialty "Russian language and literature" with the qualification of the teacher of Russian language and literature in Kazakh school. He speaks Kazakh, Russian, English - with the dictionary.

    From 1992 to 2009 she worked in the school-gymnasium №49 of Taraz teacher of Russian language and literature. In the summers from 2006 to 2008, director of summer camps and health "Tau Samaly".

    Year 2009. Grand Prix at the city contest "The best teacher of Russian language and literature" (Taraz)

    2009-2015 years Methodist Almaty State College of Power and Electronic Technologies. Being on the post, Nazira Kuandykovna organized educational-methodical work of the college. It provides technical assistance to teachers in the development of the author's programs, textbooks and teaching aids. She participated in the preparation and holding of seminars, conferences, competitions of professional skill.

    Also Nazira Kuandykovna is a teacher of Russian language and literature of the highest category, the author of the electronic textbook on the Russian language for schools with Russian as the language of instruction (2014.).

    In 2012, he won the 2nd prize in the city competition "Best city methodologist", in 2014 won the 2nd place in the city stage of the republican contest "Best Methodist of the Year" organized by JSC "development of leading."

   Nazira Kuandykovna spends educational work, instilling students with high moral values, patriotism and involves the active participation in the social life of the college. It maintains close contact with parents of students. So in 2014 ECU-31 team won the Grand Prix in the "Best Band of the anniversary year"

   It has established it self as a good and friendly teachers who love and appreciate the students, responsible attitude to the entrusted matters, enjoys well-deserved reputation among teachers.

Phone: +7 727 385-53-42